How to choose the cordless vacuum cleaner?

January 25, 2021 6 min read

  1. The 5 things to know about vacuum cleaners before choosing one

How many times have we made an impulsive purchase only to find ourselves disappointed? How many times have we let ourselves be conditioned by wrong evaluations? Choosing the perfect vacuum cleaner for you isn't easy at all and the wide choice of products on the market certainly doesn't help. If you want to be on the safe side, follow us: we are about to reveal the 5 things you need to know about vacuum cleaners before choosing one.

There are essentially 5 main features to evaluate in order to choose the vacuum cleaner that best suits our needs: suction power, battery life, cleaning methods, type of filter and additional features. Let's see them together in detail.

  • The suction power

The first thing to evaluate before choosing the vacuum cleaner is its suction power. Let's immediately make a necessary premise: we must not confuse the suction power with the electrical power of the appliance, or its impact in terms of energy consumption expressed in Watts. Indeed, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is expressed in air watts, mm/H2O or in Kpa. While the electrical power of a vacuum cleaner can fluctuate, depending on the type, between 1200 and 2200 Watts, the suction power of a good appliance must be between 250 and 400 air watts, between 1300 and 2200 mm/H2O or between 13 and 22 Kpa.

We also remind you that choosing the vacuum cleaner that consumes less energy does not always prove to be a winning option: in fact, lower electrical power also corresponds to lower suction power which, consequently, makes the appliance less efficient. Conversely, a very powerful vacuum cleaner will ensure a high level of cleanliness.

  • Battery

The second factor to evaluate when it comes to choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner is undoubtedly the battery life and the relative recharge time. It seems obvious, but these characteristics greatly affect our satisfaction and must be considered before buying: would you be happy with a vacuum cleaner that runs out of juice in the middle of cleaning and takes a long time to recharge? The average battery life of a cordless vacuum cleaner is about 30 minutes and recharging times can vary between 3 and 4 hours.

  • The cleaning mode

Before choosing the cordless vacuum cleaner, we must consider a number of features that go beyond aesthetics and attractive design, which are certainly important, but not as much as functionality.

First of all, we recommend choosing a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner, meaning that it can be used both as an electric broom and as a manual vacuum cleaner. After that, it is good to evaluate its weight: the cordless vacuum cleaner must be robust but also light and easy to handle, with a comfortable grip, to ensure the practicality of daily cleaning and correct posture. A good cordless vacuum cleaner weighs between 2 and 4 kg.

Another important feature is the capacity of the tank, which must be large enough to guarantee a cleaning cycle without having to be emptied continuously. Furthermore, the tank must be easy to detach and clean. Finally, to choose the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner, let's also take a look at the accessories: in addition to the main brush, many models are equipped with smaller brushes and different types of nozzles, to satisfy every need, but also with telescopic tubes and hoses, which allow you to reach every corner of the house.

  • The filter

To choose the perfect wireless vacuum cleaner for our needs, special attention should be paid to the filter, which has the fundamental function of not re-introducing the freshly collected dust into the air. Most of the models currently on the market are equipped with high quality Hepa filters, particularly suitable for dust particles that tend to remain suspended.

  • More features

The many models on the market make it difficult to choose the most suitable cordless vacuum cleaner for us. From the super light to the super compact, up to the scrubber dryer, to extricate yourself from the jungle of features, you need to be clear about what your needs are. Don't worry: we are here to help you clarify.

  1. What are our needs?

To choose the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner, we need to think about why we need to buy a device of this type and, in particular, we need to ask ourselves these three questions:

  • What do I have to clean?
  • How much space do I have to clean?
  • What accessories do I need?

Evaluating our needs in the best possible way allows us to make the most suitable choice for us. Let's find an answer to these questions together!

2.1 What should I clean?

When we have to choose the cordless vacuum cleaner, this is the first question to answer. There are appliances that are more suitable for smooth floors, others that are not very efficient on carpets, not to mention animal hair. For this reason, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of our needs in order to be able to choose the vacuum cleaner with the most suitable functions. For example, if we want to vacuum fine carpets, we will have to opt for a powerful appliance, for deep cleaning, but also equipped with delicate brushes that do not damage the texture. Do we want to reach even the most hidden corners? We must choose a vacuum cleaner equipped with brushes and nozzles.

2.2 How much space do I have to clean?

Being aware of the surface to be cleaned is essential for choosing the most suitable vacuum cleaner. Do you remember when we talked about battery life? To clean a large surface, we will need an appliance that will last a long time. Conversely, for smaller spaces, we will be able to settle for a shorter duration.

  • Do I need accessories?

As we have already mentioned, the range of accessories allows you to adapt the vacuum cleaner to our needs and, sometimes, the absence of the right accessory really makes the difference. The various models have a vast range of accessories, including telescopic and flexible tubes, different types of brushes and nozzles of different shapes to meet different needs. We therefore recommend that you spend a few minutes analyzing the accessories included in the package, only in this way will we be able to choose the perfect vacuum cleaner.

3.Choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner: our recommendations

We have carried out various tests and evaluations among the various models on the market and have compiled a list especially for you: here are the 5 cordless vacuum cleaners that we recommend.

3.1 Dyson v11

Equipped with an extraordinary adjustable suction power (220 AW), the Dyson v11 has an autonomy of 60 minutes at minimum power and 15 minutes at maximum performance, with a recharge time of 4.5 hours. With a weight of almost 3 kg, it is not among the lightest (nor among the cheapest), but it is equipped with many accessories and is undoubtedly an investment that lasts over time.

3.2 Hoover H-Free 500

Suitable for any type of surface and extremely versatile, the Hoover H-Free 500 cordless vacuum cleaner is among the most compact electric brooms in its category: a concentrate of technology in just 69 cm. With three power levels, thanks to the dedicated app and the Wi-Fi connection, it can always be monitored. The battery has between 35 and 40 minutes of autonomy, it is removable and rechargeable anywhere. The goodies? The front LED to illuminate every corner to be vacuumed and the vertical parking mode.

3.3 Xiaomi Jimmy JV85 Pro

Among the most powerful wireless vacuum cleaners on the market, the Xiaomi Jimmy JV85 Pro is also perfect for large spaces, thanks to an autonomy of up to 70 minutes. With the HEPA anti-mite filter, the flexible hose that allows you to reach even the most difficult corners and the numerous accessories supplied, cleaning is guaranteed! The price is not among the lowest, but it is certainly a product to take into consideration.

3.4 Ultenic U10 Pro

Ultenic U10 Pro

One of the most interesting proposals on the market: the Ultenic U10 Pro vacuum cleaner combines quality and the right price. With a power of 30 Kpa and an autonomy that allows you to vacuum up to 30 square meters of surface, its strong point is undoubtedly the dust sensor, which adjusts the power of the appliance based on the concentration of dirt on the surface. Check it out!

3.5 Rowenta RH9021 Air Force 360

An excellent device at an equally excellent price: the Rowenta RH9021 Air Force 360 ​​cordless vacuum cleaner is suitable for every need and every surface and is also extremely light. The autonomy of 30 minutes, the quick charge in 3 hours and the front LED to not miss even a speck of dust make everyone agree: recommended!

  1. Conclusion

We have seen together everything you need to know before choosing a cordless vacuum cleaner. In general, our advice is not to give in to an impulsive purchase, but to take some time to evaluate your needs in terms of spaces, surface types and cleaning needs. We are sure that, thanks to our indications and the suggestions we have given you, you will be able to choose the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner for you!


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