Ultenic U10, the cordless vacuum cleaner with the best value for money

January 25, 2021 6 min read

Are you tired of the usual heavy vacuum cleaners? Tired of cables that are too short or batteries that don't last too long? Think you can't afford a cordless vacuum cleaner? Here is the solution for you!

Always dedicated to technological research and attention to its customers, even the most demanding, Ultenic, world leader in the production of smart solutions for the home, presents its new arrival: Ultenic U10, the intelligent cordless vacuum cleaner with the best value for money.

Lightweight, wireless and with a long battery life, the new Ultenic U10 vacuum cleaner can be used as an electric broom or as a portable vacuum cleaner. Aren't you curious? Let's find out together!

Design and Functionality

The new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner is a concentrate of style and technology.

The modern and ergonomic design of Ultenic U10 makes it suitable for all types of users: light and easy to handle, you can enjoy perfect cleaning and say goodbye to your back pain!

Mainly designed for any type of indoor space, from the living room to the kitchen, from the bedrooms to the bathroom, the Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner, with an autonomy of about 30 square meters of surface area, is also particularly practical to use outdoors , for example, to vacuum your car.

Would you like to know more? Let's see immediately how it is done.

The practical and handy handle of the new Ultenic 10 vacuum cleaner, in addition to the on and off button, features a series of LED indicators: the innovative dust sensor, the power indicator and the battery indicator, which we will analyze shortly. The battery compartment and its release button are also located on the top of the handle.

The transparent dust container is very functional and complete with the latest generation filter, it can be removed with a simple gesture and can be washed under running water. It is screwed to the handle and connected to the metal tube which, in turn, is equipped with a practical accessory holder and brush release button.

The package also includes the battery charger, the bracket for secure wall mounting and a very useful kit of accessories for extraction.

Now let's see together the main features of the new Ultenic 10 cordless vacuum cleaner and find out why it's really worth buying.

The dust sensor

Ultenic has an eye for smart and innovative solutions, for this reason, among the light indicators that the new Ultenic U10 vacuum cleaner is equipped with, the dust sensor represents the real revolution.

What is it about?

The dust sensor of the Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner is a really smart feature, which adjusts the suction power according to the dust on the surface: the more dust there is, the more the Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner increases its power. The light indicator of the dust sensor, in fact, changes from red to green as the concentration of dust decreases and, vice versa, from green to red when the surface is dirtier. In this way you have the possibility to check the efficiency of your cleaning in real time. Is not it fantastic?

The suction power

The suction power of the new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner reaches 23 KPA. You can keep track of it very easily thanks to the power indicator, which changes from a steady green to a blue light as the intensity increases, thus guaranteeing you a deep cleaning in every corner of your home.

The LED indicators

For the Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner, the light indicators not only allow you to understand the concentration of dust and the suction power of the appliance, but they are also essential for keeping an eye on the battery charge status constantly.

In fact, during use, the indicator lights go from 3 to 1 as the battery level drops and, when the appliance is about to run down completely, the last indicator starts flashing.

During the charging phase, on the other hand, the same light indicators progressively increase from 1 to 3 until fully charged, to always keep you updated on the battery status.

The functionality of the LED indicators of the new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner, however, does not end there. The warning lights, in fact, are also designed to warn you of some anomalies: the block of the main motor, for example, is signaled by the fixed ignition indicator and the first flashing light, while the block of the rotation of the brush is in progress when the The power light is solid and the second light is flashing.

The accessories for the suction

The new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a very useful kit of suction accessories which includes:

  • A floor brush
  • A 2 in 1 suction nozzle
  • A sofa suction accessory

Another very useful accessory supplied is undoubtedly the wall-mounting bracket, which allows you to keep the Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner always in order and close at hand, to satisfy your every need.

The latest generation functionalities and technical characteristics of the new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner are truly not to be missed. You're still not convinced, here are some more reasons to consider buying the new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner.

5 good reasons to buy the new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner

If the technical specifications have not yet convinced you or if you still have some doubts, here are 5 good reasons to buy the revolutionary Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner.

  1. No more stress

Don't feel like vacuuming anymore? House cleaning never seems to end? It's time for a change!

The new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner is really efficient. Thanks to the innovative dust sensor that regulates the suction intensity based on the amount of dust present, you can clean even the dirtiest surfaces with a single pass and without stress, with guaranteed results.

Furthermore, you will no longer risk running "dry" during cleaning: the battery lasts a long time and in any case you will always be updated on the remaining charge, so you can complete your cleaning in total peace of mind. Vacuuming will no longer be a problem!

  1. The practicality of use

Many vacuum cleaners are heavy to move, difficult to handle and not practical at all. Not to mention the unsightly cables to wrap around themselves or, even worse, around the broom, which still drag dirt and dust.

The new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner is the ideal solution for every type of user: it is light and super handy and allows you to keep your back in a correct position.

Still not enough for you?

The new Ultenic U10 vacuum cleaner is not bulky at all and, thanks to the convenient support bracket to hang on the wall, you can easily store it in very little space, to have a house that is always clean and tidy.

  1. Cleaner, everywhere

The new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner allows you to go where other vacuum cleaners cannot. Its power and ease of handling allow you to reach even the most difficult places, for a truly deep clean.

Is the metal tube too long to get to that hidden corner? Don't worry: you can easily remove it and install the suction accessories directly on the handle. Thus, in a few simple gestures, your Ultenic U10 transforms into a portable vacuum cleaner. You will have no more excuses not even to postpone cleaning your car!

  1. The best technology at your service

Ultenic is very attentive to the needs of its customers and takes them seriously when making its products. Precisely for this reason, the new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner is a concentrate of technology in your hands, designed especially for you. Innovative sensors and state-of-the-art filters allow you to have unparalleled cleaning with minimal effort. With just a glance, you'll know immediately where it's dirty, when it's time to refill or if something is wrong, so cleaning will really be a breeze!

  1. The incomparable quality – price ratio

Let's face it, you've always thought that a quality product corresponds to an inaccessible price and that technology cannot be within everyone's reach. Here's some good news for you: That's not true. The time has come to change your opinion.

The only difference between the new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner and products of the same type on the market at astronomical prices lies in the price. In terms of quality of materials, technologies adopted and performance, the new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner has nothing to envy of its peers.

Indeed, it is the best product in terms of quality - price ratio available at the moment.

After carefully evaluating the technical characteristics and all the good reasons why the new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner is an investment worth making, you just have to put aside any doubts and give it a try. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

The new Ultenic U10 cordless vacuum cleaner is the revolution, what are you waiting for?


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